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Many of you might not know Tom Balzarini, however you may have seen him around the store. Tom’s our IT master. He’s our island of calm when we feel we’ve just been flung into a technological cyclone without a paddle. Computers are just one side of Tom Balzarini we get to see around the store. Outside of the showroom Tom is a fervent gearhead, dedicate – to a need like so many men before him who have strived and toiled in garages – to satiate a desire to go faster than the other guy.

Recently Tom has been featured in Vintage Drift magazine. You can read the piece on him below…

 Tom Balzarini

‘Historics Car Profile #2

Tom Balzarini’s Swift DB3

Last one standing

All day Friday we watched Tom Balzarini in his pit area, patiently and persistently working on his car, most of which we could not see. When the skin was put on and he and the car got out on the track, it was both eye-catching and fast. It’s a 1989 Swift DB3, a new car to us with an interesting history. And, it’s the last of its breed.

Swift made six of these Pinto-engined DB3s to race in Formula Continental in the 1989 season. It was lower, longer and faster than previous DB3s. Five of the six were sent to run in the Player’s Series in Canada, the sixth car was left in the box since the SCCA would not let it run with them. The five cars were very successful in the Canadian Pro Series. In 1990 Swift brought out the DB6, but it turned out to their chagrin that the 3s were faster. The SCCA then declared the cars legal, and when Tom’s DB3 finally raced it almost won the Runoffs in 2000 before a last-lap incident. It then sat partially disassembled on a trailer from 2001 until 2013. Tom was looking for a DB3 and bought the car off the East Coast. While racing a FF Titan with us, Tom and Jay Ivey rebuilt the car. A new Ivey engine was installed and “everything that moved was rebuilt, every nut and bolt is brand new”. Tom finished the car on Thursday evening and brought the car out to the track Friday. The engine had never been run. “The Historics was really a giant test ‘n tune”. Tom describes the car as, “pretty fantastic.” When it was running, “it’s a bullet in a straight line”. During the weekend the throttle cable fell off, the water and oil lines got loose, little break-in things that can be easily and permanently fixed. “I needed another week. But then, you need another week.” Tom’s car is still a Continental, all the other 1989 DB3s have been converted to Formula Ford. They are still competitive today.’

Source: Vintage Drift

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